Are Infrared Contact Lenses Pricey?

If you had not known this before then know it now that not everyone who could be playing poker at your table would be playing at the fair. There are ways to cheat in the game just like there are ways to cheat in other games as well. There are many debates regarding if the game of poker is about the chance of luck or is based upon a series of logical calculations. With these cheating tricks, you would not have to worry about it and yet when at the game every time. One of the easiest tricks is to mark the cards with invisible ink. But how could you read the ink if it is invisible? The answer would be at your fingertips just a few scrolls down. Excited? Then what is the weight about?

How can you read the invisible ink on cards?

You are not allowed to take your deck of cards in casinos. Your inked deck of cards can only be used at house parties or when you are playing the game amongst your friends. The pattern that you mark the cards with can be known to you and you alone. Thus giving you an undue privilege over the other players at the table.

Does the question, however, remain that how can you possibly see the mark on the cards if it is made by invisible ink? The answer is simple. There are infrared contact lenses that you can buy from the market. If you wear them while sitting down to play with your friends you can easily spot the ink on the cards.

How much do infrared contact lenses cost?

Anything that gives you a privilege over the others and lets you attempt a shortcut to success has its price to pay. The price is never quite low. In this case, infrared contact lenses do not cost that much either, but of course, are not too cheap. You can also buy the ink marked cards on line as well if you do not feel like marking them yourself would do much good to you.

You can get the marked cards plus the equipment to read them online on various sites. You can also tally the reviews there. 



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